Create Your own Distributor Marketplace

Single Platform to manage distributor, retailer and consumer orders.

Create your distributor marketplace

Want to create your own distributor / retailer marketplace?

There is always a better way than collecting orders through email, phone & whatsapp.

Best of 2 Worlds

DigiSell Marketplace can be used as a Private Marketplace to selected customers or as a open marketplace for all your customers.

Single Platform for Distributors, Retailers and Consumers

Low maintenance, Zero hassle, Centralised order management helps faster delivery and better customer experience.

Pricing Schemes

Offer Different pricing schemes & product combos for different customer segments.

Guided Ordering

Empower you sales team to place orders on the go. Saves time & effort leads to sales growth.


Show current inventory to Distributors, enable them to plan their sales. Allows you to plan your inventory.

Online Payments

Collect payments & payment confirmations online. DigiSell supports all the most popular payment gateways.

Run Promotions

Create & run promotions to your Distributors with ease. You need not wait for your sales rep to educate about available schemes.

Sales Reports & Analytics

Stay on top of growth plans with our dashboards, realtime products & order reports. Keeps you agile & enables you to take faster strategic business decisions.

Approval Workflow

Let your distributors decide which retailer order can be fulfilled. And Let the Sales Reps can decide on Distributor orders based on business facts. You can even configure approval workflows for your B2B customers.

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