Procurement Platform made for the modern teams

Procurement Platform made for the modern teams

Unique Procurement Platform with eCommerce gives employees an easy adoption and makes their life a lot easier. Let them browse, request and purchase products anywhere, anytime online.

B2C like catalog with the procurement control

Configurable SKU access

Employees need not see all the SKUs and get confused leading to SKU duplications. Let them access only the SKUs specific to them.

Collect indents online from anywhere you are

Collect Indents

Gone are the days of collecting requirements from requesters through email or phone. Place product requests online irrespective of vendors.

Configure your own approval hierarchy


Approve requests to auto convert it as Purchase Orders to respective vendors.

Control Procurement using your own business rules

Business Rules

Implement your organization procurement policies at the request level. Minimum order quantity, number of orders allowed, budget restrictions. DigiProcure has it all.

Submit Invoice and Collect POD online

Invoices, PODs

Access vendor invoices and proof of deliveries for each order whenever you want.

Track inventory online

Internal fulfilments & Goods Receipt

Track all the internal deliveries like employee laptops, letterheads, etc., on the platform. Record Requestor confirmations on item receipt.

Stay on top of order status and alerts

Notifications & Alerts

Instant Notifications to respective stakeholders involved in an order alerting them.

Bring all stakeholders together

Bring stakeholders together

Transform procurement into an experience by bringing stakeholders involved in an order in the platform.

Get insights using Mis reports and Analytics

Built-in Consumption Analytics & Spend Reports

Get insights on Top Consumed Products, Spend reports, Drag & Drop analytics to corelate consumption to find anamolies & Saving oppurtunities. You can export the data to further generate reports offline.

Want to decrease total cost of procurement?

Contracted Catalog & a private marketplace with multivendor

Catalog with Contracted prices

Configure your own approval rules

Workflow approval

Collect, Monitor & Track orders online

Order management

Get your suppliers submit invoices , POD online.

Supplier portal

Track delivery & Supplier performance online

Deliver goods

Receive POD

Receive goods

Receive and Verify invoices online

Invoice processing

MIS reports and Analyse your consumption. Correlate spends with each other location.

Consumption & cost analytics

DigiProcure Does it all for you!

Let your ERP & Financial accounting systems remains same

DigiProcure seamlessly integrate with the major ERP, financial and accounting platforms and its integration friendly.

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