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eCommerce, Online and Offline order Management, Enquiries and Quote Management - all at one place Simplify Selling to Wholesalers, Retailers & Corporate Customers.

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Create Your Own B2B marketplace, Private marketplace for corporate customers, Ordering platform for wholesalers and Retailers

Surprise your business customers with the consumer buying experience without compromising their existing organisation policies.

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Provide your customers an invite only access or let them register and start ordering.

Digital Catalog

Customer based catalog, Products with multiple images and videos. Easy & Intuitive catalog search

Pricing Schemes

Take advantage of customized pricing based on company & delivery location.

Ordering Rules

Configure order based rules, shipping charges, taxation etc., let your cusotmers know that you are completely transparent and proactive.

Notifications & Alerts

Let your customers know realtime order status, Estimated date of delivery, etc., DigiSell supports integration with your shpping partner platforms also.


Run product based, order based promotional offers for your customers.


Product & Page level SEO configurations. Let your marketplace and products discoverable in search engines.

Multi Currency

Expand your business to different geographies with multi-currency configuration.


Integration with payment gateways, Shipping partners, your existing finance & accounting systems.

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