Founded in 2013, aahaa helps large and midmarket companies globally sell using DigiSell – an omnichannel ordering platform and save using DigiProcure – an intelligent procurement platform. Having served over 150+ large corporates.


Any company that has a wide network of offices, branches, dealerships, franchises or business
customers will find DigiSell and DigiProcure transformative.

Product Manufacturers

MRO ● raw materials production items ● packaging ●PPE

Pharma B2B

medicines ● mom & baby care ● personal hygiene ● personal care

Hospital Diagnostics

medical supplies ● equipment lab supplies ● linens

Industrial B2B

cutting tools ● construction tools ● engineered products

Retail Brands

food & beverage brands ● cosmetics ● appliances

Construction B2B

building materials ● electrical ● tiles ● piping ● sanitaryware

Office Supplies B2B

IT ● stationery ● pre-printed ATM supplies ● janitorial

Restaurant Supplies B2B

cooking ingredients ● baking products food packaging ● janitorial

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